Nightstalker (Nightlight Remix) (Prod. Blockhead)

by Ragnarock

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Sequel to Daywalker


Too sick to be working for free this is my last hand out
Forget conformity absorbing me, see how long i span out
I am invincible forget your attacks that are planned out
Hypodermic needle in your temporal lobe so i can plant doubt
Forget the absence of eloquence and accept my precedence
Create carnage from commercial conductors sunken plastic no evidence
Revoke relevance, thoughts darker than the children of our second president
Serial killer with the pen mr morgan eats organs thats evident
Legend says hes made up of underground rappers pieced together Promethian
Frankenstein in every line rap city sewer runner bohemian
Trashy decadence with no common sense not feeling them
Make art out of rappers rather writing lyrics peeling them
Run jewels on producers instrumentals its the last time im feeling them
Retrieve the knife from your dream splashed with warm steam
Look inside revealing dim witted poetry
Because i always leave the grey matter bleeding like a virgins ovaries
Ice in his veins and a blizzard in his flow
Lyrics like fire with every marrow hitting arrow from his bow
Soul Windows a myriad of mydriasis
Seeking residence in legends compiled list
Letting every passerby He meets know
Grow beneath the snow, decapitated head piece of a crow in stow
Insomniac slash maniac till everyone knows he's pro
The most stressed homie you are now rocking with the best
Escape murder in broad daylight lest
ye get the industry a post moterm rape test

All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, Swallow up the pieces
Spit 'em at your species beached in a city of lost barnacles and leeches
Night stalker got me when Daywalker went to Demon

Pathetic poets attack ad hominem dont refine their rhymes with a fine toothed comb
know that i am the shadow of doubt in the back of your dome
im the splatter of lambs matter on the door of your home
transfuse hemoglobin and drag you down to my zone
hardened hunter here to tear zombies asunder plunder emcees who scrutinize
Venomous visage enough to make you get your hopes euthanized
poetry like a projected cursor touching your skull through your eyes
corrosive cadence cut down all of your tries
Past procrastination serve lacerations is my fascination
collect skulls and spines when compared to mine render rhymes
Lincoln level post assassination
Crush conglomerations of fake trappers and foe clappers
sell farms to amateurs
spend time on your rhymes thatll expand your domes diameter
Seen more dead rappers than a coroners assistant examiner
learned to grow my flow and evolved when i write kill you on the sly
metaphorically murderous but you don't need my help to die
because your style is line an unborn fetus with a coat hanger bow tie
But if you're feeling lucky and fully future proofed
then come do battle with the down trodden, orcs, goblins, and the fully bazooka toothed
Hang the corpses of deceitful demons with business ties and cloven hooves
Then celebrate with the crew with brand new needles in brand new grooves
Slews of different suitable pseudonyms definitely disguiseable
Through very vicious vitriols render your potential unviable
Instrumental dissected, disrespected, de-dentaled, unidentifiable
Left like a bleeding cat on radio raps lawn unrecognizable

All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, swallow up the pieces
spit em at your species, beached in a city of lost barnacles and leeches
Night Stalker got me when day walker went to demon


released November 6, 2015



all rights reserved